Illimani mountains

The last days of the Illimani

Cell phones

Cell phones could stop deforestation

renewable energy

Latin America: The new leader in renewable energy

Microplastic debris

Microplastic debris: The next threat

climate change health

Climate change and people’s health: a surprising correlation

climate change

Three years left to change the future of the planet

Mexico renewable energy

Chile, Mexico, and Argentina leading the way in renewable energy

La Paz, Bolivia

Which Latin American cities are the most vulnerable to climate change?

invasive species

The unstoppable force of the invasive species

Argentina Atucha Nuclear Power Plant

China drives nuclear expansion in Argentina, but with strings attached

hydroelectric plants

Are hydroelectric plants the best solution?


Norway threatens to stop financing conservation of the Amazon

Cannabis crops Paraguay

Paraguay: Marijuana affecting the environment

Recycling - Latin America

Recycling: A Latin American hurdle

Colombia Cámara Representante

Colombian legislators support the ratification of the Paris Accord

Global coal consumption falls in 2016

electric cars

The true environmental cost of electric cars

What is vertical farming?

Polar bear

Polar bears will face their due date


Are there governments that care about recycling?


Easy recommendations to correctly recycle items in your house

Hello deserts, goodbye people


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