“El negocio” goes for a new season

HBO's commitment to expand and strengthen its original productions in Latin America has conquered viewers across Latin America. 

The BID pays tribute to Gustavo Dudamel

Composer and musical director of the Simón Bolívar Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Dudamel, with 35 years is one of the great names of Latin American music and the BID recognized it.

Colombian music multiplied by two

"Chantaje" by Shakira and Maluma exceeded 50 million views in just 11 days. Colombian artists are sweeping away with their latest collaboration and have positioned themselves at the top of the sales charts.

Luis Fonsi upcoming album full of surprises

The Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi finishes in the recording studio the details of his new album, which will be released at the beginning of next year with surprises, a more danceable sound and romanticism as always. 

Carlos Vives will stay in the United States National Museum

The Colombian singer Carlos Vives gave away a guitar to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, that will be part of its collection of Latin American music documentation and its contributions to the United Stated culture.

Latin American animation: Netflix next step

Latin America is a continent full of myths, stories and traditions. Many of the stories that are told are part of the oral tradition that comes from the popular imagination and for the first time Netflix productions will share them with the whole world in an animated version.

Latin America doesn’t stay back

The National Mexican Symphonic Orchestra presentations in the German cities of Erlangen, Friedrichshafen and Bielefeld were well received by critics and the local press in a country where the academic music tradition has deeper and older roots.

Chico O´Farrill returns to Cuba

Arturo O'Farrill, the son of the "afrocuban jazz architect" Chico O'Farrill, will finally fulfill his father's desire. After the improvement of the relations between the US and Cuba, the remains of the illustrious Cuban trumpeter will rest in peace in his island, just as he wanted. 

Jorge Drexler committed with culture

The Uruguayan musician Jorge Drexler was named as the new Ibero-American ambassador of Culture and assured, that he will do everything to "build bridges between the different sectors of the Ibero-American world."

Political crisis to the theatre

The heroic Republic of the Red Armchair is an original multidisciplinary theatrical work whose objective is to explore the Latin American imagery regarding the exercise of power and citizen participation, with the collaboration of Chilean, Colombian and Mexican artist.

J Balvin: the first Latin American

The Colombian is the first Latin urban artist to reach ten digits with a video on youtube.

Science fiction reaches Latin American screens

The first television Latin Ameican science fiction series sum talents of various Latin American countries, starring Mexican, Colombian, Chilean and Salvador Peruvian actors

Condorito will have his movie

The Chilean Condorito character will have his first film appearance in third dimension for October 2017 and we already have the first trailer.

Cuba goes to the U.S. with Omara Portuondo

Cuban singer Omara Portuondo, one of the founders of the emblematic Buena Vista Social Club, begins a US tour celebrating the 85 years that meets this month, with more than 70 on stage. 

Music Artists united

#Niunamenos is the topic of the era in Latin America and artists influence makes it bigger.

Latin American artist are not shy when talking about politic

Artists have a huge impact due to their influence on social media but this has not shut them up when talking about the US elections.

Nominees to the Latin Grammys have been revealed

Fonseca, the Mexican Jesse & Joy and the Brazilian Djavan led with four mentions each nominations of the 17th edition of the Latin Grammys, unveiled by the Latin Recording Academy.

Spotify paying tribute to Marc Anthony

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Spotify launched this 23rd of September its first Latin music documentary, starring Marc Anthony and his father, Felipe Muñiz.

Lollapalooza in Latin America

The musical festival comes back for 2017! Argentina, Brazil and Chile will be hosts once again.

Fonseca and Ringo sing for the peace in Colombia

In just one day the Colombian Fonseca wrote, recorded and sent a verse in Spanish for a new version of peace anthem "The Time Has Come Now" by Ringo Starr, upon request of the former Beatle.

Gael Garcia has not forgotten Latin America

He has walked a long way since his first movie until today but he feels himself Latin American  like the first day. 

Yma Sumac, the emblematic Latin princess in music

The well-remembered Peruvian soprano had her Google Doodle.

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