Science fiction reaches Latin American screens

The first television Latin Ameican science fiction series sum talents of various Latin American countries, starring Mexican, Colombian, Chilean and Salvador Peruvian actors

Filmed in Bogota and in some other magical places in Colombia, "2091" is set in the not so distant future, where the behavior of humanity has led the planet's resources to a point of extreme exhaustion and its inhabitants are forced to look for alternatives to ensure their survival. In a world where video games are clandestine seven New Manaus gamers are recruited by the Neodymium Corporation to play an extreme game in the terraformed moon Callisto. Aboard Colonus, which is both ship and console game, compete for glory and also a place of privilege in the welfare of city life. But everything changes when Ferrán (Manolo Cardona), the oldest player, discover the sinister truth that hides the game.

"My character is called Ferrán Barros and the plot unfolds in an apocalyptic future where video games prevail. Humanity is in the midst of chaos, gambling and video games are forbidden on the planet, then we gather the seven best gamers to fight in a great battle, a nearby moon. I see amazing, I think we are living a wonderful moment, is the golden age of television, '2091' goes to show you can do different things, it is the first series science fiction in Latin America, the invitation is for people to see and television stations will risk to other content, "said Manolo Cardona Publimetro.

Meanwhile, Angie Cepeda said "My character is called Lila, is one of the best gamers in the world, is a lone wolf, is a single mother with a troubled past that has marked and lonely, all he wants is win. it has a relationship with your child that haunts her a bit because it works and can not be with him. it reconnects with the character of Manolo Cardona, who years ago had something to do. She is cunning, intelligent, he uses his intelligence to achieve what he wants. from the first chapter the public is aware of the nuances of this character. it's very sensual, attractive, certainly a great woman. it has an unmatchable strength, because he has had to do everything alone, it has little support yours, so you have to solve your life and your child are support. "

Finally, Christopher von Uckermann said his role is Inpar, and he was surprised how ambitious the project: "I feel quite happy, has never seen anything like it in Latin America and compete with major world series and is made in Spanish. it is an apocalyptic video game series in which madmen bring together the best players and make them fight in an arena designed to put soldiers and fight each other. My character is a young man who knows the video game system and has something in hand , it is a determined guy and born leader that moves love. "

"2091", which aims to seduce a young audience, consists of 13 chapters that will be broadcast weekly.

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