Music Artists united

#Niunamenos is the topic of the era in Latin America and artists influence makes it bigger.

Faced with protests against femicide and gender violence on October 19 in countries such as Argentina, Chile and Peru, musicians like Lali Esposito and iLe Cabra have raised their voices to demand #NiUnaMenos.

A few days of the campaign no bosy less, which seeks to raise awareness and end violence against women in all its forms, various actors in the art world were in favor of this event and confirmed their participation.

Boricua iLe Cabra, who now sings boleros, does not understand this violence.

Lali Esposito, Argentina pop singer, shared his theme illustrations 'Far from me', which speaks of gender violence.

The mexican band Mana shared the image of the protest.

The Argentine singer, Luciano Pereyra, called for an end to gender violence.

"Hopefully the message reaches all women not to allow any kind of abuse, or if they decide not to report, to do it. This has to come to and end” finally said the television producer Michelle Alexander.

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