Fonseca and Ringo sing for the peace in Colombia

In just one day the Colombian Fonseca wrote, recorded and sent a verse in Spanish for a new version of peace anthem "The Time Has Come Now" by Ringo Starr, upon request of the former Beatle.

The singer was contacted Wednesday by Starr's team and immediately went to work. There was no time to lose: the issue would be released this Friday in commemoration of the peace treaty in historic Colombia.

"This has been very exciting. First it was a surprise to receive the invitation from the team of Ringo Starr, because I've always said, for me the Beatles were very important," Fonseca said Thursday in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press . "And on the other hand see that he also wants to join the peace process in Colombia with a song that is one of hope, for me it is a privilege, as a Colombian and as a musician."

Fonseca reported that on Wednesday sent him the song and asked to write a verse, preferably in Spanish.

"I sat, I wrote it, I recorded in my home studio and in the afternoon it was already sending Bruce Sugar, who is the producer of life of Ringo Starr (and co-author of the topic). I talked to Bruce by phone and told me that he loved what he had received, "he said.

The song was originally made for the International Day of Peace (September 21), in partnership with the United Nations. In his contribution, Fonseca expresses his feelings about the recently signed peace agreement between the government of Colombia and the FARC.

"What I say in that verse, ... in my case, I did think of my country and what comes. I speak so many years dreaming of peace, of the millions of people who were without reason, that this is something we are doing that is not easy but we do it for those who come for the next generations, "said the singer.

The signed peace agreement, which ended five decades of conflict, must be endorsed by citizens in a referendum on Sunday.

"Hopefully this plebiscite pass positive," said Fonseca. "Nobody says it will be easy, but you have to start somewhere."

He said that the signing of the peace agreement was for him "too exciting" because growing up in Colombia somehow got used to seeing "killed so many people, so many people taken, so many bombs."

"We feel that that may change as it is a blessing," he said.

Other artists revealed not participate in the song, including some other latin, Fonseca said, but could not say immediately who they were, because "all this happened very fast."

He said probably receive more information throughout the day.

Awarded four Latin Grammys, was recently nominated three gramophones gold more: album of the year for "Connection", best album Cumbia / Vallenato by "Homenaje (to the music of Diomedes Diaz)" and best tropical song for "I came to fetch "(in distributed this month by the Latin recording Academy, also on the candidacy of Andrés Cepeda album of the year (list" Thousand cities ") as part of the engineering team record).

For the performer of hits like "Te mando flores", "Idyll" and "Long ago," the greatest achievement of these nominations is that their two albums have been recognized.

"They said 'why distribute attention between two projects?' and wanted to do so. ... Now feel that both were nominated and see the recognition of the industry and academia to two completely different disks with different producers, recorded in different cities, it is a great satisfaction, "said the singer .

He explained that both productions were risky: "Connection" because delved into genres that had not previously recorded, such as ranchera and salsa, and "Homage (to music by Diomedes Diaz)" because most interpreters vallenato are costeños while he is Bogotá.

The Latin Grammys will be presented on November 17 in Las Vegas. Fonseca confirmed plans to attend the ceremony.

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