• Venezuela's “Risk of Chaos Rising”

    Increased political confrontation can drive oil-rich Venezuela -- already a very violent country -- into outright chaos, 

  • Venezuela: the paradox of the Socialist victory

    Venezuela: the paradox of the Socialist victory

    Why the victory of the PSUV can be one of the worst scenarios for Maduro’s political party?

  • Venezuela: one step closer to isolation

    Venezuela: one step closer to isolation

    Aerolineas Argentinas is the 12th airline that decided to leave the country

  • Venezuela: Crónica de una dictadura anunciada

    Durante todo 2016 se sumaron en Venezuela diversas señales de que el chavismo terminaría saltándose el marco constitucional que—paradójicamente—hizo aprobar Hugo Chávez en 1999.

  • Tareck al Sami

    Venezuela Welcomes All Tourists Crazy Enough to Go

    No food, no money, no security, no medical care...no problem!

  • Venezuela Wants to Live in a Democracy

    Since its defeat during a parliamentary election on December 6 2015, the chavismo regime decided to abandon the electoral path

  • Venezuela and the eclipse of American leadership

    Venezuela’s steady descent into chaos has repeatedly prompted pundits like me to predict that the authoritarian populist regime founded by Hugo Chávez was doomed to collapse, or be ousted. 

  • Uruguay’s Quiet Democratic Miracle

    If Latam summons images of political turmoil, populist tyrants, religous mania and epic corruption, think agaoin: Tiny Uruguay, pulling itself up by its bootstraps, has morphed into one of the most progressive nations on earth

  • Un año después: el aumento de la represión en Cuba

    Al cumplirse el primer aniversario desde que Cuba reabrió su embajada en Washington D.C., una cosa está clara: el restablecimiento de las relaciones diplomáticas entre EEUU y Cuba –que yo he apoyado, aunque con cautela, en esta columna– no ha logrado mejorar la situación de los derechos humanos en la isla. Al contrario, los abusos a los derechos humanos han empeorado.

  • Trump’s mexican shakedown

    President Trump’s insistence that he will force Mexico to pay is the definition of extortion: obtaining un-owed money through coercion.

  • Trump’s failure to appoint Hispanic Cabinet members is no minor issue

    Because of his ignorance about the day-to-day intricacies of governing, he will be more reliant on his Cabinet than any of his predecessors. And yet, Trump has assembled the whitest, oldest and wealthiest cabinet in recent memory.

  • Trump, Clinton y América Latina

    A juzgar por lo que dijeron Donald Trump y Hillary Clinton sobre política exterior en sus respectivos discursos de aceptación de sus candidaturas, llevarían a cabo políticas muy diferentes hacia América Latina.

  • Trump y sus ‘genes autoritarios’

    Una de las cosas que más me llamaron la atención cuando entrevisté recientemente al ex presidente mexicano Vicente Fox fue que parecía más preocupado por el autoritarismo de Donald Trump que por los constantes insultos a México del posible candidato del Partido Republicano.

  • Trump will bring jobs back from Mexico — to be replaced by robots

    Trump claims that the United States has a huge unemployment problem. In fact, the opposite is true: overall U.S. unemployment has gone down from 10 percent in 2009 to 4.8 percent today

  • Trump should not turn his back on Latin America

    It is time for the Trump administration to pay at least some attention to Latin America. Even bankrupt Venezuela has been quicker and more generous than the United States during the tragedy that devastated Peru

  • Trump needs positive agenda for Latin America or risks antagonizing the region

    We are already seeing signs that Latin America may unite in condemning the United States if President-elect Donald Trump goes ahead with his plans to build a border wall

  • Trump may weaken OAS — and efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela

    After decades of irrelevance under previous leaderships, the 34-country OAS has become the region's best option to restore democracy in Venezuela.

  • Trump is right: Nafta is a disaster. But US workers aren’t the big losers

    The president-elect has promised to rip up the free trade treaty, yet there is no sign that his approach will be any fairer

  • Trump doesn't know Latinos, Hillary doesn't care about them

    Hispanics in America are still waiting for a sign from Mrs. Clinton —one where she demonstrates her appreciation for Latino contributions to America, not just for often voting democrat.

  • Trump barking at the wrong tree

    Automation revolution is taking the jobs, not evil foreigners. The first self-driving cars are now on the road in the United States. That's another four million jobs down the drain

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