• wildfire in Galicia and Asturia

    Wildfire Galicia Asturias

    wildfire in Galicia and Asturias

  • The world turns its back on Catalonia

    The world turns its back on Catalonia

    The international community has made known its political support towards Spain

  • The Falklands and Gibraltar

    The Falklands and Gibraltar: founded similarities or unexpected coincidence?

    Self-determination is the most controversial word when it comes to the history of these two places, but do they have more similarities than what they are aware of?

  • Spain: Beggars in churches

    Spain: Beggars in churches

    At this pace, and despite the Church being linked with the needy, they will have to put security guards to prevent this kind of behavior 

  • Spain in front of a historic crossroad

    For more than 40 years in the political arena of Spain two parties had been dominating, the People’s Party and the PSOE Party (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party), which alternated in power. All that changed on December 20 2015

  • Refugees in a crystal palace: Salcedo’s efforts for remembrance

    Refugees in a crystal palace: Salcedo’s efforts for remembrance

    Colombian artist Doris Salcedo has installed her latest art work, “Palimpsest”, at the Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid

  • Rajoy, Trump and Latin American countries

    According to Rajoy's office, the Prime Minister told Trump that Spain was in the best situation to be an interlocutor for the US in Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East.

  • Rajoy, Maduro

    Rajoy seems to be helping Maduro

    The violent repression of the Catalonian independence referendum seems to be helping the Venezuelan Head of State

  • Latin America and Spain united for the refugees

    More than 20 artists, including Spanish pop idol Antonio Orozco and rock group Estopa, have collectively recorded a new version of Joan Manuel Serrat’s poetic classic “Mediterráneo” to bring attention to the current plight of refugees in the Mediterranean.

  • Catalonia keeps on moving towards independence

    Catalonia keeps on moving towards independence

    Despite the interest of the Spanish government, the Catalonian authorities assured they will not change their mind

  • Catalonia in the spotlight

    Catalonia in the spotlight

    While Latin America is currently not living situations similar to those in Catalonia, the EU states that it does not recognize the possible secession as valid

  • Argentina draws inspiration from Spain when adjusting their fiscal policies

    Alfonso Prat Gay, Argentina’s Minister for the Economy reassured potential investors in Spain that their controversial new policies are supposed to reinvigorate the economy as they did there.

  • A trip to the days when Spain colonized Colombia

    Villa de Leyva and Mongui, two pueblos of stone-paved streets and houses with balconies in central Colombia, preserve enormous architectural and artisanal riches that take visitors back to the days of the Spanish conquest.

  • ¿The world is on fire?

    ¿The world is on fire?

    Fires in California and in the Iberian Peninsula have killed more than 80 people, making this season one of the worst in history

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