• War stories: “Campo minado”

    A director in total possession of her means to join different languages and platforms, avoiding the empty drama and playing with the different tones to tell a horror story, nuanced but not less shocking in the “Campo minado” documentary film.

  • The Biarritz Festival reaches Latin America

    25 years of Latin American film production to be celebrated.

  • Saudó: magic and mystic takes Latin America

    Latin American film industry has scarcely ever taken the risk of showing suspense stories. This time Colombian filmmaker Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza made it happen with Saudó: laberinto de almas.

  • Mapuches to the big screen with Newen

    The Argentinean indigenous culture rediscovered by the new filming project by Myriam Angueira.

  • Goya Awards 2018

    Goya Awards 2018: Latin American standouts amongst the nominees

    The nominees for next year’s edition of the biggest film awards from the Spanish speaking world have been announced

  • From Bollywood to Latin America

    This is the first Bollywood style film produced in Latin America, with script, direction and choreography from India, but a Costa Rican production, and will premiere in February simultaneously in five Central American countries.

  • Boris Izaguirre Hails Robust State of Ibero-American Cinema

    “El abrazo de la serpiente” (Embrace of the Serpent), “El clan” (The Clan), “El club” (The Club), “Ixcanul” and “Truman” – reflect the “extraordinary” strides that film industry has made over the past five to 10 years.

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