'Francis, I see-see but don't care'

Arguably, Pope Francis' most important message is his call for a more monetary-modest society. In a region with such vast inequality where the gap between the few haves and the many have nots is massive, this is something that resonates.

Pope Francis in Cuba

The pope on Sunday began his first full day in the island nation at an outdoor Mass in Cuba’s political plaza attended by thousands of people.He meets former Cuban President Fidel Castro, with the two men discussing world affairs and religion and exchanging books.

Colombia, wild magic

Colombians tend to get frustrated by the negative image that surrounds their country, especially (but not exclusively so) in relation to drugs.  Yet, as both locals and foreigners alike who have visited Colombia know, there are numerous positives to promote, even though this doesn't always happen. And perhaps the greatest positive is its wonderfully diverse landscape.