How americans see Mexico

Less than one in four Americans have a positive image of Mexico, and fewer still believe it has a modern economy or is safe for travel.

Peru's latest oil spill

Despite being sanctioned by Peruvian environmental authority (OEFA) Petro-Peru has allegedly pumped more crude and caused an oil spill in the Loreto region. 

Concerns over Olympic Security

Amid an uptick in violent crime and deepening economic crisis, Brazilian officials plan to secure Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics with the deployment of 85,000 soldiers and police.

EU urged to work with Latam’s Pacific Alliance

European Union member-states who are observers to the Pacific Alliance should “work with commitment” with the bloc comprising Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru to move forward in the educational realm

Music for the Artic

Italian composer Luduvico Enaudi played an original piece in a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean to ask for its protection.